Terms and Conditions

To participate in the conference:

    1. In the first stage, participants are registered electronically and a short annotation is sent;
    2. Once the registration is complete, the author or group of authors will be notified of the acceptance of the article;
    3. After the mentioned procedure, the author or group of authors sends an article (full text) and a receipt (in PDF format) to confirm the reimbursement of organizational costs. The title of both files (article and copy of receipt) should be as follows: Article: Name / surname of the author (s) and title of the working topic (e.g T. Giorgadze – Transportation) and receipt of payment (e.g TBEA22; T. Giorgadze);

Articles that fail to meet the above requirements will not be considered by the Conference Organizing Committee.

Based on the results of the COVID 19 pandemic, the conference will be held in a mixed, so-called hybrid format, in particular, attending sessions and participating in panel discussions will be possible both in person and online, for which the organizers will provide an appropriate online (ZOOM) platform.