Publication of Full paper of Conference

Requirements for compiling the article

  • The article should be presented in A4 format in Word Text Editor. All fields – 2,5 cm;
  • Name of the article file – Surname and name of the author and the number of working topic (e.g. Kartvelishvili – 2);
  • Fonts used: For articles in Georgian – Sylfaen, for articles in Polish, English and Russian – Times New Roman. Interval between lines 1;
  • Formulas should be printed in Microsoft Equation Editor;
  • Graphical material should be compatible with Word program;
  • The title of the article should be written on the first line (13 Pt, Bold);
  • The names and initials of the authors should be written off by one line (12 Pt, Bold);
  • Brief summary (11 Pt, italic, not more than 600 signals) by skipping one line;
  • Key words by skipping one line;
  • Basic text – by skipping one line (11 Pt);
  • Used literature (11 Pt) – by skipping one line;
  • Volume of paper 3-7 sheet;
  • Quote used quotations must meet the standard: ISO690, PN-ISO690 (Vancouver System).